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Create Now is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that gives youth opportunities to find their voices through arts mentoring and education. We especially serve children ages 2-21 who have been abused, neglected, homeless, domestic violence victims, incarcerated, etc. by matching them with artists, writers, musicians, actors, dancers and others, including mentors who teach life skills. Create Now provides training and materials to implement therapeutic programs in music, writing, visual arts, performing arts, fashion and digital media at 100+ partner agencies, like shelters and group homes.

While Create Now focuses on using arts education as an intervention tool for vulnerable youth, our programs help prevent cycles of abuse, homelessness and violence. We also reach disadvantaged students in Title 1 schools who are at-risk of dropping out.

Each year, we bring thousands of these "forgotten children" who have fallen through the cracks to concerts, plays and other cultural events at premiere venues in the region. We have reached 37,000 of the neediest youth in Southern California during the last 20 years.

Student Programming:

Our largest program is Cultural Journeys, which each year sends thousands of children and their families to concerts, plays, museums and unique cultural events at premiere venues like Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Geffen Playhouse, LACMA, Cirque du Soleil, the Broad Stage and the Hollywood Bowl.

Create Now's arts workshops are 12-16 sessions long and last for around two hours. We follow VAPA and California Content Standards.

All programs culminate with parties and gift bags for each participant with lasting souvenirs, including special "Certificates of Completion."

Our music programs include Music Recording workshops, which take place at our professional studio downtown, as well as Guitar and Keyboards.

Writing programs are Screenwriting, Creative Writing, Poetry and Journalism.

Visual arts encompass Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Murals and building cities and robots that are made from recyclable materials.

Digital Media includes Graphic Design, Photography and Video Production, which culminate at a 360° full-dome immersive theatre that uses cutting-edge technology.

Performing arts programs are Dance, Theatre, Singing, Acting and Talent Shows.

Fashion focuses on Fashion Design and Branding, which ends with a Fashion Show for the community.