Student presenting to audience of adults

The LA County Arts Ed Collective has a longstanding commitment to promoting systemic change in local school districts. The Arts Ed Collective works alongside partners and coordinates efforts across the region to advance arts education for LA County students.

School District Support

The Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective supports school districts to increase the quality, quantity and equity of arts instruction in their schools.

Arts + STEM Collaborative is regional consortium comprised of education stakeholders in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties to establish intersections between science, technology, engineering, arts and math in public school education.

Pathways to the Creative Workforce

In order to prepare LA County public school students to contribute to the creative economy, quality arts education is imperative.

Juvenile Justice

A cross-agency team is embedding the arts into LA County’s juvenile justice reform. As part of the new LA Model, the plan emphasizes education and support services that will lead to rehabilitation.