Schools and school districts play an essential role in ensuring that young people grow up with the arts. But changing public education so that ALL schools provide arts instruction for ALL students is a tall order. With this goal, the LA County Board of Supervisors launched the Arts Education Collective in 2002 with just five school district partners. Today, the Arts Ed Collective includes 74 of LA County’s 80 school districts, plus five charter school networks, each working to expand arts learning for students in all of their schools.

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Resources for School Districts

PD-TA Roster | Strategic Arts Plan Coaching Services

Coaching to create strategic plans that increase arts instruction in schools.

Apply for 2023-24 by March 8, 2023

Advancement Grant

Matching grants to launch specific action items identified in strategic plans.

Apply for 2023-24 by March 8, 2023


Professional development for teachers, artists, mental health school staff and counselors to include the arts in their schools.  

District Arts Coordinator Convenings

Networking with other school districts and community arts partners to share promising practices and strategies for advancing arts education.  Explore the events calendar for upcoming convenings.



School District Directory

A directory of Arts Ed Collective partner school districts that features their arts education policies and strategic plans.

Tips and resources for actions you can take to speak up for arts education in your school and district.

Arts Ed Profile

A report and online tool that presents data about arts education provided in LA County public schools and districts.


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