Mara Lonner, San Angelo Landscape, 2015 (detail)

Now in its sixteenth year, the Arts Ed Collective is dedicated to making the arts core in public education by working with school districts and community arts partners to increase the quality, quantity and equity of arts instruction provided in schools. Since 2002 the Arts Ed Collective has offered a continuum of services to school districts including coaching for strategic planning and arts coordination, Countywide networking opportunities, and funding for implementation.

Available Positions


The Los Angeles County Arts Commission (LACAC) seeks a full-time Project Consultant, responsible for implementing projects that focus on arts-based strategies to promote social emotional learning and healing informed instruction in K-12 public schools.

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission (LACAC) seeks a full-time Senior Project Consultant, responsible for overseeing a portfolio of work that aims to embed the arts into LA County services and systems of care that support, heal and develop youth and families.

Request for Qualifications

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission seeks to identify a research consultant to conduct a program evaluation that will help improve a school-based healing-informed arts education program administered by the LA County Arts Commission in partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.