Dramatic Results

Dramatic Results is an award-winning nonprofit that makes learning real by engaging educators and learners through collaborative hands-on projects that impact the practice of education. Since 1992, the agency has delivered educational programming to historically excluded students using art, design, and culture as an entryway into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects. Over 32 years, the agency has served 35,000 students and empowered more than 450 classroom teachers. Our well-rounded approach includes hands-on and project based in-school, afterschool, weekend, and summer programming. Based in Long Beach, Dramatic Results works to increase STEAM programming and expose students across Los Angeles County to diverse career pathways. To support our work, visit bit.ly/donate2art.
Student Programming:

Dramatic Results approaches programs with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (writing, photography, design, drawing, theater, and so much more), and Math as pathways to spark inquiry, discussion, and critical thinking. Our goal is to increase students’ sense of wonderment and, over time, increase their confidence and creativity within any field. The agency allocates 15% of our organizational budget to evaluate student success through three key measurements: problem-solving (ability to find creative solutions without giving up), wonderment (excitement for making and learning), and self-efficacy (peer communication and collaboration).

Our programs are delivered in-class, as a regular part of students’ school day, and outside of school through a collaboration of STEAM professionals. The agency offers a multitude of programs, including opportunities in design, media arts, STEAM, theater, visual arts, assembly workshops, and educator development. To learn more about our programs, visit bit.ly/DRprograms.
Dramatic Results’ programs are led by Teaching Artists, professional artists, and makers. Students learn to identify problems, find unique solutions, and lead their learning in a fun and creative environment. Students are encouraged to make mistakes. The agency values failure, and reinvention, as a key part of the learning process. Our programs align with Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and Visual and Performing Arts standards, using Design Thinking and iterative strategies to strengthen students’ 21st century skills.
The agency is committed to disseminating our program design and outcomes to challenge the practice of education through local, state, and national workshops and conferences. Dramatic Results has presented at conferences for Arts Education Partnership, California Department of Education’s STEAM Symposium, California Science Education, Learning Forward, National and California Arts Education Association, National Association for Gifted Children, and the Joint Mathematics Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America.