Notetaker at planning meeting

The LA County Arts Ed Collective coordinates the Countywide effort to ensure that all students receive quality arts instruction by expanding teaching and learning, and building political and public will.

Expand K-12 Arts Teaching and Learning

School districts build infrastructure to increase the quality, quantity and equity of arts instruction in their schools.

School District Planning & Funding
Work with school districts to create and implement arts education policies and strategic plans.
Models & Resources
Identify and share effective tools and practices with the field.
Stakeholder Convenings
Bring together leaders and practitioners to learn, collaborate and network.

Build Political and Public Will

Civic leaders, elected officials and community advocates promote arts education as essential to our economy and quality of life.

Engage in local, statewide, and national advocacy to build support for arts education.
Research & Evaluation
Gather and analyze data to inform school district strategic planning, identify trends in the field and track progress over time.
Strategic Partnerships
Collaborate with school districts, educators, arts organizations, teaching artists, grantmakers, advocates, and other stakeholders to leverage expertise and resources for greater impact.