Skirball Cultural Center


The Skirball Cultural Center welcomes people of all communities and generations to participate in cultural experiences that celebrate discovery and hope, foster human connections, and call upon us to help build a more just society.

At the Skirball, learning means connecting to arts and culture, to history and the world around them through meaningful experiences. Our Education programs are unique in their emphasis on interpersonal engagement, multisensory learning, and values-based content. Led by inspiring educators, our programs strengthen learners' cultural literacy, encourage creativity and resourcefulness, and foster empathy, self-esteem and civic-engagement.

Student Programming:

Our school tours and performance programs for Pre K- Grade 12 students explore commonalities across cultures and spark creativity. Tours are aligned with Common Core State Standards and are supported with resources to help connect the on-site visits to classroom learning. Performance programs and workshop invite students to experience a wide array of music, dance, and theater up close and personal.

Professional Development:

Our Teacher Programs reflect the Skirball's deep commitment to fostering community and supporting experiential learning. We believe that creative classrooms give students unique tools to develop their identities, deepen their understanding of core subjects, and become active members of their communities. Hands-on workshops for K - Grade 12 teachers and administrators focus on integrating the arts into classroom curricula and igniting creativity and a love of learning for students and teachers alike.