The LA County Arts Education Collective tracks and publishes reports to help the field get smarter about how to advance arts education in the County.

In 2013, Arts for All and the LA County Arts Commission administered a survey to arts organizations and teaching artists across the County, to find out who provided arts education services to LA County's 2,198 public schools.
In 2013, 198,110 people in LA County were employed in 79 creative occupations. Half of those jobs did not require a bachelor’s degree. What kinds of careers are available, how well do they pay, and what training is required?
An examination of Los Angeles County's Arts for All 2009-10 Leadership Fellows Program
Reinvesting in Arts Education makes a compelling case for arts education and the essential role it will play in preparing students for success in the knowledge and innovation economy. This report shows us the link between arts education and achievement in other subjects. It documents that the process of making art –– whether is it written, performed, sculpted, photographed, filmed, danced, or painted –– prepares children for success in the workforce not simply as artists, but all professions.
Was developed to measure access to and quality of arts instruction at the school site level as well as to develop a system for collecting and reporting the data.
On Friday, May 7, 2010, Arts for All in partnership with California State University at Northridge, hosted the Arts for All Higher Education Think Tank. This event brought together decision makers throughout the education community to begin to discuss how to strategically address quality arts education in teacher preparation programs in order to impact teacher practice and student learning.
Thursday, January 1, 2009 TAGS: Case Studies, Policy
The following report contains findings from case studies of the first 11 districts to join the initiative, six in 2003-2004 and five in 2004-2005. These initial districts, referred to as the Vanguard Districts, developed strategic plans to guide efforts to offer sequential, standards based arts instruction for all students.
The 2008 Arts Education Performance Indicators (AEPI) report marks a milestone in arts education in Los Angeles County. Since the last AEPI report in 2005, significant progress has been made toward building infrastructure to support sequential K-12 arts education in the 81 school districts in the County.
The data provided in this report gives a County-wide picture of the status of arts education with regard to five critical success factors in 2005.
Thursday, May 1, 2014 TAGS: Data
A one-page handout summarizing our findings when we analyzed data on arts courses, enrollment and teachers that was reported by school districts to the California Department of Education (CDE).