Arts Ed Collective 2019-20 Interim Report for Stakeholders

These are difficult times for our collective impact initiative and for the youth whose creative needs we aim to meet. With Arts Ed Collective staff working remotely and our operations running, we continue to support the field through ongoing programs, and we are adapting our work to support partners, youth, families, and the general public in response to the dynamic challenges posed by COVID-19.

For our most recent update on Arts Ed Collective activities, please read the Arts Ed Collective Interim Report 2019-20. This pre-COVID overview features the efforts of the many stakeholders working together to ensure youth across LA County engage in quality arts education. A summative report on 2019-20 activities, with planned release in late summer, will address impacts on Arts Ed Collective program participation and catalogue ways the delivery model for arts education is being adapted under these dynamic conditions.

As always, we welcome dialogue and your thought partnership. Do not hesitate to let us know about challenges you are facing or opportunities for working together to address our community’s needs. Please keep safe, healthy, creative, and socially connected.

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