Alex Luu


MY OWN STORY is an autobiographical writing/storytelling/performing workshop for youth to creatively explore, write, and perform their own unique autobiographical life stories in the context of monologues, spoken word, and performance/theater.

THREE LIVES is a one-man performance/theater show that tells the autobiographical tale of Alex Luu's escape from war-torn Saigon. The show is kinetic/comic/poignant, and addresses themes such as identity, assimilation, racism, and the multi-layers of the American Dream.

Student Programming:

The MY OWN STORY residency/workshop gives students the rare opportunity to come into a safe, creative space wherein they will be able to dig deep beyond the surface, listened to, explore/create/write their own stories based on their own autobiographical experiences/lives. Students will also learn about each others' experiences in this interactive process. The residency/workshop is structured into 2 halves: 1) theater games/warm-ups & movement/voice exercises; 2) specific writing/story prompts that mine autobiographical experiences as framework & source material & collective round-table sharing of stories. Residency/workshop culminates in final performance.