artworxLA was founded in 1992 as The HeArt Project to help fill the void in arts education among L.A. inner city youth. Our mission is to combat the epidemic high school dropout crisis with a long-term, sequential arts program offering students a pursuable life path that inspires them to stay in school, evolve as unique individuals and flourish as creative adults. In nearly 25 years of success in the field, we know that true transformation for high-risk teenagers is achieved through three interlocking elements: 1) Creatively educating them with sustained arts exposure and immersion; 2) Connecting them to a network of peers, artists, cultural partners, higher education, creative industries, and supportive adults; and 3) Investing human and financial resources around persistent support for students and alumni to build self-confidence and personal responsibility.

Using art as a key engager, artworxLA provides creative learning experiences for 600 alternative high school students across L.A. County every year. Our program gives struggling students renewed perspective on education and life, helping them to be curious, to love learning, and to see a bright future.