Culture Shock Los Angeles

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Culture Shock Los Angeles is a nonprofit dance and arts education organization that utilizes Hip Hop and urban dance culture to cultivate meaningful education, enrichment and entertainment programs to inspire positive change in the communities we serve.

Founded in 1994, the group is a diverse collective of dancers brought together to exchange ideas, share their passion for dance, and work towards a common goal of serving the community and making dance accessible to everyone. The organization is dedicated to providing instruction in a variety of urban dance forms; educating the public on the history of the Hip-Hop culture through workshops in urban art forms related to dance, music, poetry, and visual arts; and showcasing different dance and art forms through public performances, schools assemblies, and community events.

The organization uses hip-hop and street dance styles to involve traditionally under-served populations in the arts and presents these forms with the same dedication and artistry given to classical styles of dance. Culture Shock LA strives to highlight the positive attributes of the Hip-Hop culture by teaching social skills, leadership traits, a positive work ethic, teamwork, and self-respect alongside training in performing arts fundamentals.

Culture Shock LA works to further its mission by using the talents of its company members and its deep-rooted interest in the community to establish meaningful youth programs and outreach events in the Los Angeles area; by educating its dancers, students and audiences on the history of Hip-Hop, its cultural relevance, and its relation to other art forms; and by challenging its dancers with diverse and inventive performance pieces.