Strategic Arts Education Planning Guide: Expanding Access to the Arts in Schools and Community – 4th Edition

The guide provides a technical step-by-step approach to strategic planning for arts and arts education based on the Technology of Participation methods (ToPs Methods) developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs. This is the fourth edition of this guide, formerly called The Insider’s Guide to Arts Education Planning. Professional coaches, strategic planners, arts educators, and community arts leaders can lead groups through a strategic planning process using and adapting theses scripts and suggested formats.

This hands-on, how-to planning process for schools, districts, counties, and communities will enable teams to assess, envision, and implement the arts within the context of developing skills and creativity, supporting arts education as:

  • equitable, discrete arts curriculum as well as arts integrated with other curricular areas
  • healing-centered arts engagement
  • culturally relevant and responsive teaching and learning practices
  • well-integrated Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • innovative skill development for entering the creative economy

Published in 2022 by Create CA and the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture.