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Our methodology is successful because the "language" of animation is universal. It speaks to all ages and transcends cultural barriers. It is a powerful means of communication.

We formed AnimAction in 1989, with a single purpose in mind: to utilize our professional expertise in creating a unique and innovative environment for young people; one where they could experience the spirit of collaboration, develop new skills, and exercise the ability to make their own creative choices. AnimAction incorporates components of media literacy, critical thinking skills, research and inquiry, teamwork and reflection, and the joy that students get out of making connections across various subjects of learning and life. This is all with the ultimate goal of articulating a powerful message through the magical medium of animation.

AnimAction is a media-arts project based learning program that integrates with K-12 education curriculum so that students can create their own educational animated content. We have been recognized by the Solicitor General of Canada, the California Department of Education, UNICEF ( and the World Health Organization as being a valuable resource and tool for education.

For the last twenty-five years AnimAction has provided hundreds of workshop programs to students and professional development for teachers throughout the United States and around the world.

AnimAction youth animators have been two-time Prism Awards winners competing with ABC, CBS, NBC and American Lung Association. We have received 2nd Prize Adult Jury Award, The Chicago International Film Festival and received two Gold awards at Worldfest Houston.