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Aman Dance Educators present the Creative World Dance Curriculum, a unique program that teaches students dances from around the world and leads them through creative activities that expand their understanding of their bodies in action as tools for communication. Students will expand their knowledge in geography, history and culture, and gain skills in cooperation, coordination, creativity and rhythm. The curriculum includes dances from Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. AMAN Dance Educators, who are former members of the world-renowned AMAN Folk Ensemble, continue to build on more than 20 years of dance education experience. All workshops are grade-appropriate and correspond to the Visual and Performing Arts Standards, as well as other subject areas including History/Social Science, Math, English/Language Arts, Science and Physical Education.

Student Programming:

Dance and Community (all grade levels): In this residency, students will use their bodies as active tools to learn about different cultures and to understand their own communities in new ways. They will experience traditional folk dances from various cultures and engage in creative exercises giving them the ability to create their own movement vocabulary and a new community dance.

Dances of California/USA (4th-5th grade): This residency makes a curriculum connection to the 4th and 5th grade social studies standards through line, square and circle dances from early US History and can also include dances related to Fort Ross, California Ranchos, and the Gold Rush.

Legends through Dance (K-3): This residency makes a curriculum connection to the Language Arts Standards by utilizing dance as a medium to tell stories. Using examples from Native American and Polynesian dances, students will explore the basic elements of dance, how to communicate a story through gesture, and how to bring a legend to life through movement.