Promoting School-based Arts Education

Let your school and district know the arts are an essential part of public education!

What you can do:

  1. Find out which students receive arts instruction, and who is providing it in your local school or district, with the Arts Ed Profile.
  2. Check whether your school district has a current plan for expanding arts education to more students through the School District Directory.
  3. Let your district know they can apply for help to create or update their plan with an Arts Ed Collective Strategic Planning Coach.
  4. Let your district know they can apply for grant funding to help advance their arts plan through the Advancement Grant Program.
  5. Email or tweet your elected school board representative about arts education with tools from CREATE CA.
  6. Speak up for arts education at a school board meeting with tips from CREATE CA.
  7. Uplift the voices of youth leaders with resources from Arts for LA.
  8. Ensure arts education is included in your school district’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).
  9. Have questions? Email or call our local arts education advocacy leaders at Arts for LA and Create CA.