School District Support

The Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective supports school districts to increase the quality, quantity and equity of arts instruction in their schools. Currently, 70 of 81 LA County school districts, plus four charter school networks, partner with the Arts Ed Collective to formulate and implement arts education policies and plans that embed the arts in student learning.

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All Services are Offered Free of Charge.

Countywide Network

The Arts Ed Collective brings together leaders and practitioners to learn, collaborate and network. We partner with regional organizations to offer a range of learning opportunities for school district stakeholders, from teacher professional development to convenings for education foundations and school board members.

School districts in the Arts Ed Collective have their efforts featured as part the story of arts education, highlighting successes, lessons learned and promising practices from the diverse school districts across LA County.

Arts Ed Liaison

School district partners are assigned a staff liaison and gain access to colleagues across the County to learn about promising practices in arts education, follow trends in the field and be connected to other resources and learning opportunities.

Professional Development

The Arts Ed Collective partners with arts and education organizations to bring together practitioners and experts to offer professional development opportunities for educators and administrators to advance their practice. See the events calendar for a full listing of upcoming events.

Technology Enhanced Arts Learning (TEAL)

Arts integration is an approach to teaching that connects an art form and another subject in ways that meet learning objectives in both areas simultaneously. Developed in partnership with the LA County Office of Education, the TEAL Project builds the capacity of administrators, educators and teaching artists to deliver arts integrated lessons through blended (face-to-face supported by online) learning opportunities that explore the fundamentals of arts integration. This approach to large scale professional development utilizes web-based technologies and a trainer-of-trainer model to extend resources to thousands of educators across LA County.

TEAL also provides arts integration training for college students earning their teaching and school administration credentials. Addressing arts integration training in pre-service programs helps new educators feel more comfortable delivering arts integrated content when they reach the classroom.

Teaching Creativity with Common Core State Standards

This arts education professional development for elementary school principals, assistant superintendents and curriculum leaders, features a series of workshops framing the importance of arts education around California’s adoption of Common Core state standards and changes to student assessment.

Teaching Creativity engages participants in activities that introduce interdisciplinary, project-based teaching practices that align with the Common Core State Standards while addressing the leadership skills necessary to prepare for changes associated with the Common Core initiative.

This program is hosted as a strategic partnership with the LA County Office of Education Visual and Performing Arts Program.

Creativity at the Core

Spearheaded by the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA), Creativity at the Core uses a web-based portal and convenings to equip teachers from around the state to deliver arts-based instruction that supports the Common Core State Standards.

Strategic Planning Coach

The Arts Ed Collective offers coaching support for school districts interested in creating or updating strategic arts plans. Based on the needs of a district, our experts provide customized coaching services to support the long-term implementation of arts education. If a district does not have a strategic plan for arts education, the current district plan is outdated or it has been accomplished, a coach will guide the district team through the strategic planning process to create a new plan that builds upon past work and reflects the current landscape. If a school district seeks to update an existing arts education plan, a coach will work with the district team to revise components of the existing plan and identify new actions to expand arts instruction. Plans lay out strategic directions for a five-year period.

Coaching services are offered to school districts at no cost, but space is limited. The application for 2020-21 is now open..

Strategic Planning Process

The planning process runs from fall through spring, beginning with data collection to help identify the current status of arts education, as well as opportunities for growth at both the school and district levels.

Coaches work with planning teams to:

  • Explore excellence in arts education
  • Collect school and district data
  • Identify strengths and gaps in current instruction
  • Articulate your vision
  • Determine strategic directions to achieve your vision
  • Develop a budgeted and calendared implementation plan

School District Commitment

  • Identify potential committee members from the district and local community to participate in the strategic planning process
  • Coordinate location, hospitality, and attendance for planning meetings
  • Appoint co-chairs to spearhead the arts committee and attend a two-day training in the fall
  • Facilitate all school sites’ participation in the data collection process
  • Present a policy and budgeted plan to the school board for adoption
  • Guide the implementation of the plan

"The coaching support from the Arts Ed Collective enabled our district to convene key stakeholders from our community to revise our Strategic Plan for Arts Education. The planning process helped us identify where we are with arts education and where we want to go to ensure all students in our district develop the creative and critical thinking skills to be successful, collaborative problem solving citizens in today’s world and the future. Our new strategic plan is our living guide and road map to improving educational opportunities in the arts for all of our students and has become a key tool in attracting new partners in our efforts to achieve this goal." —Director, Mountain View School District

Funding for Implementation

School districts in the Arts Ed Collective that have formally adopted arts education strategic plans are eligible to apply for Advancement Grant funding. This matching grant program offers financial support to assist school districts in achieving key action items identified in their district arts plans.

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