Healing Centered Engagement (HCE)

Unpacking the benefits of art and human connections, this workshop will highlight the third CARMA principle, Relationships, by inviting participants to evaluate their own relationships in their lives through art expression. Participants will explore the concept of "vulnerageousness" as they build community through arts activities aimed towards building meaningful connections. 
Love Letter to LA County
Using the arts as the starting point for our series, this workshop unpacked the first CARMA principle, Culture, through the exploration of self, self-awareness, self-belonging and self-love for one's own culture and geographic identity.
Using art and Flourish Agenda’s self-inspection activity to find our own purpose, this workshop will explore the fourth CARMA principle, Meaning, which gives community members purpose and direction in their lives. This workshop will guide participants through an interactive exploratory exercise of self that offers opportunity to write, draw and speak our truths. 
Diving into the second CARMA principle, Agency, participants will engage with art-based themes and ideas that center the transformative power of agency – from small things like advocating for oneself at work, to working with others, to reintegrating an arts course into the curriculum. This workshop will also model how to spotlight and empower youth voice and perspective. 
The fifth and final CARMA principle, Aspirations, is the key towards creating a healing centered environment.  Aspirations rooted in both dreams and goals create the conditions that allow young people and adults to visualize a world where everyone can heal from trauma.  What gets in the way of being able to dream big?  What is a dream that has intimidated you?  These questions, and more, will be unpacked together in hopes of imagining a society where the possibilities of wellness become real.