Poetry Exercise: How To Write a Love Poem to Yourself

The structure for this poetry exercise is clear and user-friendly. Three 30-word love poems will be written: (1) to things you see out your window, (2) to someone you love and (3) a poem to yourself.

Director of Street Poets Inc. Matthew “Cuban” Hernandez will take you on a journey of self-discovery through poetry. Matthew introduces the activity with a read-aloud of Jeffery McDaniel's “The Quiet World." He follows with a guided poetry writing exercise that engages students in observation, reflection, and introspection to write 30-word poems that describe their emotions. Students carefully select words that are meaningful and capture their feelings.

Department of Arts and Culture partnered to support the LA County Office of Education's All In: Safe and Welcoming Schools Webinar Series. Check out the full series which includes four videos, study guides and lesson plans from teaching artists from the Arts for Healing and Justice Network member organizations.