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Supervisorial District Located:
Dance, Visual Arts, Music, Theater
Program Type:
Performance, Workshop, Residency, Teacher
Grades Served:
Historical & Cultural Context:
African, Latino, Other
Arts Integration Subjects:
History/Social Studies, English Language Arts
Special Education:


Student Programming:

We offer multidisciplinary arts programs which follow children from kindergarten through 3rd grade. Programs include:

Secrets of the Heart - kindergarten/1st grade program.
One World Drum Circles - 1st/2nd grade
Dance In America - 2nd/3rd grade
Gifts of the Grio - 2nd/3rd grade

Our original curriculum provides resources, books, music, and journals for students and teachers and each program addresses not only an artistic skill but directly influences social-emotional learning, and creates an awareness of world culture. Each year of programming builds upon the previous year. Our programs include parent components and professional development for teachers and are known for promoting healthy school culture.