Pathways to the Creative Workforce

A group of leaders from the creative industries, arts organizations, higher education, public education, government agencies is working to identify and support resources, systems,  and opportunities that will enable Los Angeles County youth, aged 15-24 to achieve successful employment in the creative workforce. The current focus is primarily on developing pathways related to the entertainment and digital media sector. 

In order to prepare LA County public school students to contribute to the
creative economy, quality arts education is imperative.


All LA County youth have access to information, resources, opportunities and support systems that lead to successful employment in the creative workforce.


Identify, align and leverage resources for providing youth, ages 15-24 years old, with concrete entry points into the creative workforce.


Build a coalition of stakeholders interested in or already engaging in activities that support youth access to the creative workforce. As a first step, engage the Arts, Media and Entertainment sector of the creative workforce in aligning and leveraging existing resources to increase efficiencies and impact.

Making the Case


Students in high poverty areas have less access to the arts in school than their peers. Low income students who attend arts rich schools have higher levels of graduation and college acceptance. Read more.

Job Readiness & Civic Engagement

Arts education builds skills needed to successfully compete for any job: collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. Arts education increases political and community engagement later in life.

(Catterall, James S. (2009). Doing Well and Doing Good by Doing Art. Los Angeles/London: Imagination Group/I-Group Books.)

Employment Opportunities

One out of six jobs in Los Angeles County is generated by the creative industries (direct, indirect and induced jobs). LA County’s creative industries generate 650,900 jobs and $47.7 billion in labor income. 173,170 workers are employed in creative occupations.

Out of 79 creative occupations in LA County, 65 pay a median annual wage greater than the countywide median. Read more.


Over the next 18 months, this workgroup plans to:

  1. Identify and engage a rich variety of stakeholders.
  2. Convene stakeholders so that the field becomes more knowledgeable about the different entities working in this space, their successes and their challenges.
  3. Research, record and map the various programs currently helping to prepare youth for participation in the creative workforce, with the goal of aligning efforts to achieve scale across LA County.
  4. Surface and build consensus around promising practices that will help to increase the impact of efforts across the County.
  5. Create internal and external messaging to promote the value and visibility of effective support systems that provide pathways to the creative workforce.