There are currently 15 active Prototypes in LA County. Each of these 15 Prototypes can be categorized by the Pillar they are most closely associated with.

The Arts Are Essential

Every LA County resident acts on the belief that the arts are essential for healthy, thriving communities

embedding arts advocacy training into curriculum.

The Arts Are Core to Quality Education

A complete education includes the arts.

Opening lines of communication between school district leaders and arts providers.

Arts "rotation" as part of the teaching day.

Embedding theatre instruction in ESL coursework

The Arts are a Conduit for Advancing Teaching & Learning

The arts are interwoven into all aspects of teaching and learning.

A community for groups developing/supporting STEAM curriculum.

Providing education and opportunities for career development in/through the arts.

Self-Initiated Arts Learning

Every learner accesses new, innovative technologies that allow them to engage in the arts within and beyond the classroom, independently and with others.

teaching students how to use code with the visual and graphic arts.

Using virtual reality to give students new artistic experiences.

Developing opportunities for student compositions to accompany animations.

Creative, Collaborative Communities

Creative, collaborative communities nourish all learners. Creative, collaborative learners nourish all communities.

Building direct channels from arts communities to schools.

Developing creative spaces in public parks.

Family engagement by creating learning opportunities for all community members.

Increasing diversity in higher-ed through decolonized design and fem/mentors.

A modular wall system which allows communities and artists to come together and create legal graffiti.