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The Creative Wellbeing learning community on the Wellbeing for LA Learning Center platform is a collaborative and generative space for adults who support youth and families from Los Angeles County to be present together, nurture community care, and uplift collective wisdom to explore strategies, tools, and resources relating to healing-centered arts engagement and mental health promotion. Join virtual quarterly gatherings and engage through our virtual hub for ongoing asynchronous networking.

To access the content library or register for trainings, create a free account and visit the Creative Wellbeing hub to discover opportunities to engage with live virtual trainings and on-demand sessions.




The Wellbeing for LA Learning Center offers an open catalog of timely topics, videos, downloadable resources, and articles focused on community wellbeing, resilience and professional development for the workforce that supports the mental health and wellbeing of children, families, and adults within systems of care.  Wellbeing for LA is a project of the DMH + UCLA Public Partnership for Wellbeing, a high impact partnership, between the LA County Department of Mental Health and UCLA, designed to strengthen communities and improve the wellbeing of Los Angeles County residents and greater society by providing a holistic foundation for addressing inequities and advancing wellbeing for all.