I.D.E.A. Wave Workshop Series (10/7)

Ticket Information

NOTE: Apply to join this workshop series by September 23, 2022.


Utilizing tools and resources developed by the I.D.E.A. Wave CoLab, the I.D.E.A Wave workshop series provides a guided journey towards equity, diversity, inclusion, healing, and anti-racism by offering an entry point to develop sustainable processes, conversations, and shared values in organizations, coalitions, schools, and communities. The workshops will introduce participants to I.D.E.A. Wave Colab tools that will support teams' journeys towards inclusive, equitable, accessible, and anti-racist ways of collaborating.

Through workshopping and open dialogue, the tools facilitate an operational checkpoint to help map where an organization is in its I.D.E.A. journey and help identify strengths and areas of possibility. As a result of intentional and engaged interaction with the I.D.E.A. tools between workshop sessions and beyond, attendees will be able to identify areas of growth, advance I.D.E.A. in their internal practices, and demand sustainable and systemic change toward equitable and accessible TK-12 arts education. These sessions are not training on I.D.E.A. They are an introduction to open-source I.D.E.A. tools and an opportunity to network with changemakers and leaders across the arts field.

Teams from TK-12 schools, nonprofits, and philanthropic organizations in the arts education field are invited to apply. As this work requires deep commitment across all aspects of an organization, we recommend that teams include 2-3 people, with at least one senior staff member. If possible, the organization's board chair would be a great addition, as well as any more recent staff members. We encourage all organizations joining to honor this working time and incorporate the sessions into the paid workday.


If you have any questions please contact the I.D.E.A. Wave Co-Lab team at info.ideawavecolab@gmail.com.