Arts Ed Innovation Lab: Prototypes

There are currently 15 active Prototypes in LA County. Each of these 15 Prototypes can be categorized by the Pillar they are most closely associated with.

The Arts Are Essential

Every LA County resident acts on the belief that the arts are essential for healthy, thriving communities.

Youth Arts Advocacy

  • Leaders: Jennifer Fukutomi-Jones, Sofia Klatzker, Kaile Shilling
  • Goal: To create and develop youth voice around systems needs and opportunities for change. The goal is to embed arts advocacy training into teaching artist curriculum and leverage arts instruction as an opportunity for civic engagement that empowers youth to become voices for change.


The Arts Are Core to Quality Education

A complete education includes the arts.

Bringing Together Education Leaders and Arts Partners

  • Leaders: Monk Turner, Tony Sauza, Gillian McCarthy
  • Goal: To convene school district leaders and educators with teaching artists, arts organizations and other arts partners to share expertise, identify opportunities for synergy, and to increase arts opportunities for young people.


Amplify English Through the Arts

  • Leaders: Steve Venz, Jen Olsen, Peggy Flynn
  • Goal: To explore opportunities for embedding theatre instruction into ESL coursework for middle school students.

Elementary Multidisciplinary Art

  • Leaders: Laura Duran
  • Goal: To embed arts standards and instruction through an arts "rotation" time during the school day.


CA Arts Education Leadership Cohort

  • Leaders: Denise Grande, Gillian McCarthy
  • Goal: To accelerate arts education systems-change efforts locally, regionally and statewide by engaging Theory U processes and practices while fostering diverse and dynamic arts education leadership through mentor partnerships between experienced and emerging arts education leaders.


The Arts Are A Conduit for Advancing Teaching & Learning

The arts are interwoven into all aspects of teaching and learning.


Arts + STEM Community of Practice

  • Leaders: Sandy Seufert
  • Goal: To create a community of practice in collaboration with a team of education and industry professionals (in LA, Orange and San Diego counties) who are developing a website for educators who want support in starting or improving a STEM school.


Professional Development Collective

  • Leaders: Victoria Lanier, Ryan Rowles
  • Goal: To share best practices in arts education in order to elevate the quality of services across LA County; to ensure we are working towards equity for all learners to receive top-notch instruction; and to provide opportunities for career development in and through arts education.


Self-Initiated Arts Learning

Every learner accesses new, innovative technologies that allow them to engage in the arts within and beyond the classroom, independently and with others.


Code Art

  • Leaders: Margeaux Randolph
  • Goal: To teach students how to code using the visual and graphic arts. Students create stimulating visuals and sound media to code interactive games aligned to core curriculum.


Complete the Circles

  • Leaders: Ronald Walcott
  • Goal: To develop opportunities for students to compose soundscapes or musical threads to accompany gifs, or brief animated visual loops. To explore potential connections to arts and technology curriculum.


Virtual Reality Arts Education

  • Leaders: Jay McAdams
  • Goal: To use virtual reality technology to scale up arts education by transporting students to new realities in the arts and other content areas.


Creative, Collaborative Communities

Creative, collaborative communities nourish all learners. Creative, collaborative learners nourish all communities.


Arts and Allies

  • Leaders: Jessica Wilson
  • Goal: To unite Arts Partners and Educational Leaders to build a direct channel from the arts community to schools. Community artists will be identified to serve as local liaisons for the arts in neighborhood schools.


Community Makers Space

  • Leaders: Felicia Villareal
  • Goal: To focus on family engagement through the lens of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math education, providing creative learning options or parents, teachers, students and community members.


Mobile Graffiti Yard

  • Leaders: Gail Phinney
  • Goal: To create a modular wall system that allows artists to create large-scale work and addresses the lack of safe & legal venues for graffiti artists/muralists to create work using a ‘pop-up’ venue concept. The flexibility and ease of setup allows the wall system to be placed in virtually any outdoor location and quickly removed leaving the space unaffected.


Arts Playground

  • Leaders: Jim Herr
  • Goal: To develop creative spaces in public parks where people can create art—visual, music, theatre, dance. Just like a kid can go to park and play on swings, Arts Playground proposes to provide materials and opportunities for engaging in art.


D3 (D Cubed)

  • Leaders: Salvador Rubio
  • Goal: To increase diversity in higher-ed through teaching Decolonized Design and providing fem/mentors for students. A multi-year development program for rising juniors and seniors.