The Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective, coordinated by the Department of Arts and Culture and KCET have joined forces to create a new documentary that explores the value of arts education for the youth, communities, and creative economy of LA County.

Artbound: Arts Education is a special documentary episode of the acclaimed KCET series. It features contributions from artists, educators, policymakers—including youth poets from Get LitCatherine Opie, Vijay GuptaHector TobarDebbie Allen, and Chloe Arnold.

The film shows that by supporting social-emotional intelligence, inspiring a sense of belonging, and developing creative skills, the arts help youth make sense of the past, act powerfully in the present, and imagine the future. It is a reflection on the vital role that arts learning can play in youth development, wellbeing, and building a democratic society with civic narratives that value diverse perspectives, critical thinking, and the creative voices of our youth in a complex world. It is also a call to action to join the collective movement for racial justice, diverse representation in the arts and creative economy, and education equity for all.

Artbound: Arts Education is a project of the Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective, developed by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture in partnership with KCET. Funding for this project was generously provided by the Stuart Foundation, the Moss Foundation, and the Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective Funders Council. 

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