December 1, 2021|

2020-2021 End of Year Report Released

Staff and artists from the Arts for Healing and Justice Network (AHJN) and member organizations.
Image by Sylvanus Leone. Courtesy of AHJN.

The 2020-21 End of Year Report provides an overview of how the Arts Ed Collective now formally extends beyond public education and aims to change the social conditions and broader public systems that impact where and how young people access learning in and through the arts. Following last year's adoption of the new LA County Regional Blueprint for Arts Education (Arts Ed Blueprint) and Countywide Plan for Elevating the Arts as a Justice Reform Strategy (Arts and Justice Reform Plan) by the Board of Supervisors, this report summarizes recent efforts through which the Arts Ed Collective stretches beyond a single program or approach to prioritize resources for youth historically excluded from learning in the arts and expand arts-based strategies in school, after school, and in communities.

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September 14, 2021|

Learn About the Arts Ed Collective's 'Healing-Centered' work with a new Zine

As our arts-based youth development work with the Arts Ed Collective continues to evolve, the idea of "healing-centered" approaches have emerged as central to reimagining and creating an LA County where all youth—and especially youth who have been historically precluded and excluded—engage in arts all year, every year. To learn more about the emerging field of Healing Centered Engagement, especially as it relates to arts based youth development, please download our zine Healing-Centered Engagement—Reflections and Insights from the Field.

A part of Los Angeles County's New Regional Blueprint for Arts Education, this research was commissioned by the Arts Ed Collective to explore the important ways arts-based Healing Centered Engagement can support and uplift youth voices as part of healthy growth and development. This zine is a summary of six months of intensive review of academic literature and interviews with research-practitioners and youth, and serves as a guide to understanding key concepts and ideas that can advance arts-based healing practices across the region.

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