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Learn About the Arts Ed Collective's 'Healing-Centered' work with a new Zine

As our arts-based youth development work with the Arts Ed Collective continues to evolve, the idea of "healing-centered" approaches have emerged as central to reimagining and creating an LA County where all youth—and especially youth who have been historically precluded and excluded—engage in arts all year, every year. To learn more about the emerging field of Healing Centered Engagement, especially as it relates to arts based youth development, please download our zine Healing-Centered Engagement—Reflections and Insights from the Field.

A part of Los Angeles County's New Regional Blueprint for Arts Education, this research was commissioned by the Arts Ed Collective to explore the important ways arts-based Healing Centered Engagement can support and uplift youth voices as part of healthy growth and development. This zine is a summary of six months of intensive review of academic literature and interviews with research-practitioners and youth, and serves as a guide to understanding key concepts and ideas that can advance arts-based healing practices across the region.

November 20, 2019|

Supporting Advocacy for Teacher Training:How LUSD Uses the Arts Ed Profile

The LA County Arts Ed Profile is a tool used by school districts, administrators, parents, arts partners and many other stakeholders to understand where arts instruction is happening in LA County public schools. It’s similar to the Arts Data Project that uses California Department of Education (CDE) data to build profiles of arts instruction in schools and districts, however it has a few important differences. The LA County Arts Ed Profile:

  • Includes K-8 statistics (the Arts Data Project covers secondary school only)
  • Includes arts partners that provide arts education
  • Incorporates discrete and integrated arts instruction data

Lynwood Unified School District (LUSD) is a K-12 district located just west of Downey and north of Compton. It encompasses 12 elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools. The district prioritizes arts education, and district administrators have found the Arts Ed Profile a valuable tool in helping them advocate for increased arts education. A member of LUSD since 2016, District Arts Coordinator Dr. Mariana Astorga-Almanza is one of the administrators who has used the Arts Ed Profile to great effect.

Mariana says the Arts Ed Profile helps:

  • Drill down on arts education offered by content area and grade level
  • Identify gaps in arts education, and provide a jumping off point for the district’s strategic planning process
  • Make informed decisions on what arts courses should be offered at each grade level each year, based on current student enrollment, and where to expand in upcoming years
  • Have data to leverage partnerships to build teacher capacity and develop integrative arts training for teachers
  • Support arts education pilots
  • Advocate for district support in hiring full-time arts teachers
  • Inform projects under consideration for the Arts Ed Collective Advancement Grant

For example, one pilot program supported by the Arts Ed Profile is a teacher training partnership with the Music Center. Three years ago, LUSD piloted this program Kindergarten level. The Music Center provided professional development and arts integration training for all Kindergarten teachers in the district, which resulted in all 1,000 Kindergarten students receiving music education. This pilot was expanded during the 2018-2019 school year to encompass first grade, and today serves 2,000 students. These pilot programs build existing teacher capacity for arts integration, while creating partnerships with arts partners. In turn, this strengthens the case for increasing the distribution of resources towards arts classes and ultimately, specialized, full-time arts teachers.

This is just one example of how schools and districts can use the data provided by the Arts Ed Profile to move their districts towards access to more resources for arts education. Curious how your school or district compares to others in LA County? Look them up in the Arts Ed Profile to see what arts education looks like for your students. Don't see your school, or not sure when your data was last updated? Email Matt Agustin, Research Associate, to find out.

November 13, 2018|

Inequity in Education

Last year the LA County Arts Ed Collective released a study that identified critical inequities in arts education. If you want to dig deeper on equity data in education, we suggest you check out ProPublica's recently released Miseducation, an interactive database that highlights racial disparities in opportunity and discipline at districts and schools across the U.S.

Their analysis of the data, which is primarily from the Civil Rights Data Collection, shows that nationally, “Black and Hispanic students are, on average, less likely to be selected for gifted programs and take AP courses than their White peers. They are also more likely, on average, to be suspended and expelled.”

Interactive data tools such as Miseducation and our Arts Ed Profile online tool can be important in uncovering inequities based on demographics within a district or school. Our countywide analysis of arts education data from LA County schools found that schools with more White students receive more and better quality arts education than schools that are more Black, Asian or Hispanic/Latinx.

Does your district or school face inequities? What kind of arts education is happening at your district or school? The LA County Arts Ed Profile seeks to answer these questions. Last year, 41% of Los Angeles County public schools submitted data, and helped arts advocates gain a partial view of existing inequities. A first step in addressing inequity is to identify it. With your help in gathering data, the Arts Ed Profile can provide a complete picture of access and inequity across LA County schools.

To answer questions of this nature, take a look at the existing information available in both tools:

December 8, 2017|

LA County Arts Commission Presents Findings From Arts Ed Profile at Education Summit

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission releases findings from a 18-month survey of arts education in K-12 public schools. The Arts Ed Profile was administered to all 2,277 schools across LA County, including 81 districts, four charter school networks as well as a few individual charter schools.

Read the Full Press Release

December 13, 2017|

Arts Now: LA County Summit Resources

The Arts Now: LA County Arts Education Summit marked 15 years of coordinated efforts in arts education for the County, and was co-presented by the LA County Arts Ed Collective, the California Alliance for Arts Education, Arts for LA and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. The event was part of the statewide Arts Now Campaign, which works to shed light on school districts and counties that are currently working to improve the quality of student education through the arts, and to encourage others to prioritize arts education in a K-12 educational setting.

Below, resources and presentation materials can be found and downloaded.


Breakout One

Breakout Two

Breakout Three

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