Partners in the LA County Arts Education Collective engage in local, statewide and national advocacy to build support for arts education. Strategic advocacy efforts encourage decision-makers and elected officials to embrace policies that make arts education more accessible to LA County students. Participating in dialogues across sectors, allows partners in the Arts Ed Collective to inform and be informed by trends impacting arts education.

Regional Engagement

The ACTIVATE Arts Advocacy Leadership Program is part of a strategic collaboration between the Arts Ed Collective and key advocacy partner, Arts for LA. In recognition of the critical role local leaders play in bringing about systemic change, ACTIVATE seeks to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge and an expanded network to effect change in schools. This nine-month training program provides community advocates with skill building and coaching that enables them to launch projects that support arts education in their neighborhood school districts. Read about work happening in your district.

Statewide and National Engagement

The Arts Ed Collective serves on the California Alliance for Arts Education’s Policy Council and participates in the Western Arts Alliance (WESTAF) Annual Arts Advocacy and Leadership Seminar.

The Arts Ed Collective has also contributed to many arts education tools available to the field including resources to support Local Control Accountability Plans, strategies for using Title 1 funds for the arts, the Blueprint for Creative Schools and more.