About Community Arts Educators

This directory centralizes access to quality PreK-12 school day arts educators that meet the Content Standards for California Public Schools, which include the Visual and Performing Arts Standards.

To be listed in this directory, community arts educators must complete an application and submit all required supplemental materials that demonstrate that the program meets the minimum eligibility requirements.

The application and supplemental materials will be reviewed by Arts and Culture staff to ensure that all eligibility criteria are met.

Previous Experience in Arts and Education

  • Provider’s lead administrators and instructors have formal education or professional experience in the art form of the program.
  • Provider’s lead administrators and instructors have at least three years of experience designing and implementing student educational programs in the arts as a part of the Pre-K –12 school day and/ or three years of experience designing and implementing professional development in the arts to educators within a public school context.
  • Provider demonstrates that they have provided arts learning experiences as part of the school day for no less than two different schools within the past three years.


Focus on Learning in the Arts

  • Student learning objectives address an artistic discipline. This may include dance, media arts (film, video, electronic media), music, theater, or visual arts.
  • Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools are cited for the program’s corresponding grade level range and instructional strategies are described.
  • Professional development provides participants with knowledge, understanding, instructional skills and tools.



  • Application and required supplemental materials are complete and submitted by the deadline.
  • Programs are provided as a part of the school day to a Pre-K-12 student body.
  • Schools or school districts make a financial investment in the student arts program. This investment may include the costs of artist fees, bussing, curriculum supplies, administrators or teachers’ time for curriculum planning, professional development or exhibiting student work. 
  • Provider complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, including but not limited to those which bar discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.
  • Provider complies with Fair Labor Standards and pays professional performers, artists, and supporting personnel at least the minimum level of compensation paid to people employed in similar activities.

Please submit your interest and you will be notified when the formal application period opens.

All arts organizations and artists listed on the website of the LA County Arts Ed Collective are responsible for satisfying applicable laws or policies related to providing educational services, which may including, but are not necessarily limited to, obtaining live scan or other criminal background clearances and documenting health status and the absence of communicable disease.