The LA County Department of Arts and Culture is committed to systems-reform efforts that emphasize a coordinated approach for positive youth development. Our aim is to embed the arts within multiple systems of care to promote healing, personal growth and overall well-being among young people (and their families) involved in – or at risk of becoming involved in – LA County juvenile justice systems.

Facilitated by the Arts Ed Collective, over the past four years, LA County Department of Arts and Culture has collaborated with the County of Los Angeles Probation Department (Probation) and community based partners including the twelve member organizations of the Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network, Spirit Awakening Foundation and Drumming for your Life. This collaboration aims to field test models for embedding the arts in juvenile justice reform efforts by connecting in-school academic learning with out-of-school experiences that allow youth to gain insights and skills in the arts.

Building upon these successful collaborations, Arts and Culture, Probation and community based partners are currently expanding the numbers and types of arts instructional services to youth residing in juvenile detention centers and in supporting the LA Model at Campus Kilpatrick. Our work continues to focus on juvenile justice reform and alignment with the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Road to Success Academy (RTSA) Project Based Learning curricula and thematic units.

The number of community partners will expand in 2020 Arts and Culture as we broaden scope for how we evaluate and refine the field testing of trauma-informed arts instruction in locations across LA County. In partnership with the Probation Department, the Arts Commission contracts will establish year-round trauma-informed arts instruction for youth in all 8 juvenile detention facilities, all 5 juvenile day reporting centers, 3 public housing sites, 2 community parks, and 3 continuation high schools located across the County. Arts and Culture is well-positioned to lead systems-change work, grounded in arts practices, with County colleagues in the Department of Mental Health, Department of Public Health and the Office of Youth Development and Diversion.

Something about Freedom Schools - just mentioned in background. 

LA Model

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