Sat, January 6, 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM
| California State University, Los Angeles

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It is important that one or two TEAL-experienced educators attend from each district or charter, along with up to 6 new participants that include an district EL coordinator, EL lead, art and classroom teachers.




  1. To develop and learn to apply the ways in which arts integration and technology support EL students' literacy throughout the content areas, providing access to the general education curriculum.
  2. To expand your district's art and arts integration capacity by engaging new participants in research-based arts integration learning.

This TEAL professional development will include EL instructional strategies using the visual and performing arts and technology and will target vocabulary development and academic language, math concept visualization, the use of non-verbal cues, and ways in which to celebrate diversity through the arts and creative movement.

About TEAL

Technology Enhanced Arts Learning (TEAL) is a project of the LA County Arts Education Collective, developed and implemented by the Los Angeles County Office of Education in partnership with the Los Angeles County Arts Commission