Workshop | Free
Tue, February 27, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM
| The Palevsky Center

Ticket Information

Tickets are free. But if you are new to the Innovation lab, we recommend arriving at 9:00AM for the Arts Ed Innovation Lab orientation. If you are already part of the lab, we recommend arriving at 11:30AM for the afternoon work session.



The Arts Education Innovation Lab reconvenes in 2018 to continue refinement of the Common Agenda and to learn from Prototypes launched in fall 2017.

At this session, learn about the next steps for the Innovation Lab and for advancing the Shared Vision, Common Agenda and Theory of Change. Innovation Lab Prototype Teams will share their progress, recruit new team members and work across prototypes to inform the larger vision of the Lab and to think broadly about how to achieve equity and scale through the prototyping process.