Nembi by Elena Manferdini

(Above)"Nembi" by Elena Manferdini.

This opportunity is only open to organizations on the LA County Department of Arts and Culture’s Youth Development Through the Arts Pre-Qualified List, as determined through the Request for Qualifications process and notified in March 2020.

Through this Scope of Work, the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture seeks Pre-Qualified organizations to provide arts-based youth development services for youth in Los Angeles County Department of Probation Juvenile Day Reporting Centers (JDRCs) in the January – August 2021 time frame. (Note that Arts and Culture may amend the contracting period as needed.)

To Apply

To apply for this opportunity, review the Scope of Work, then submit a Project Proposal through Survey Monkey Apply. For your convenience, we have included links to all the documents that might be helpful in crafting your Project Proposal.

Nembi by Elena Manferdini

View and download a pdf of this scope of work.

Get started on your project proposal through the Department of Arts and Culture's application portal.

Download a copy of the Project Proposal Form questions (which you can use to type your responses, to then copy and paste into the Project Proposal Form).

View and download a PDF of the Frameworks for Healing Engaged Arts document.

View and download a PDF of the Arts in Juvenile Day Reporting Centers overview document.


Completed project proposals must be submitted by October 28, 2020.


If you have questions about this process, please email them to no later than October 16, 2020. An FAQ page with responses will be posted on The Arts Ed Collective's website no later than October 21. Proposals due 11:59 PM, October 28.